Tessa Razafindrakoto

“Things move fast here, so we need to move even faster.”

09 sep 2019

I'm quickly approaching the 3rd month of my adventure at Helloprint, as a Recruitment and Employer Branding intern. I call it an adventure because I’m making impactful decisions, taking the lead in projects that really make a difference, and learning important skills for the development of my career. But how did I end up here? The story is pretty short.

I saw a video showcasing the office and employees at Helloprint, which reminded me that my friend once told me that it seemed like a really cool place to work. After considering it for a while, I decided to apply for an internship that I didn’t even have the time to do, because of my studies. That’s when I realized that I was 100% ready to delay my studies if it meant that I could have a meaningful work experience. Only three days later, I received a response. And before I knew it, I was in the office for interviews and I was given an offer that took me a couple seconds to say yes to. I basically landed my dream opportunity in ten (really intense) days!

Since then, I’ve been taking on loads of responsibilities here. As I’m working in a two-person team (including myself) within a fast-growing scale-up, there’s a lot to take on. In only 3 months at Helloprint, I contributed to our expansion from 107 to 122 team members in Rotterdam, while striving to maintain or even increase our quality of hire. To develop myself beyond my responsibilities, I am also following an analytics course. Regardless of my position, if I take the initiative to develop myself, I know that I have their full support.

Working only alongside ambitious, driven, and successful people gives me the energy to give it my all as well.

In fact, many full-time Helloprinters started out as interns, which makes it obvious that we take development very seriously. Does this sound too good to be true? I can imagine that it might, and it's for sure not "easy work" but isn't it true that nothing worth having comes easy?. We are a team of A-players working really hard to push our platform to the next level. Things move fast here, so we need to move even faster.

If you asked me what a regular weekday would look like, I would struggle to give a clear answer. That’s because none of my days look the same. But I can give an example of yesterday:

  • I came into the office around 9:00, although this isn’t set in stone as we don’t have specific hours. The first thing I did was check the daily report on revenue & profits, to stay updated on our company goals. Then, I headed upstairs to grab something quick for breakfast.
  • Upon return, I checked all incoming open applications, followed up on propositions for external party collaborations, and responded to candidate queries.
  • I had a weekly meeting with my team lead to discuss our previous week, and our upcoming week. This time we don’t have many interviews, which means we can focus on other projects!
  • To get a feel for how our vacancies are doing, I checked incoming applications. I noticed that one of our vacancies doesn’t seem to be performing really well. At this rate, we probably won’t fill the position. I think the name of the vacancy doesn’t fit the function well enough, so it’s not attracting the right people. I set up a meeting to evaluate this with the hiring manager. I also planned my contribution to this meeting.
  • 12:30 Time to catch some vitamins. Today there was a pasta carbonara and different kinds of salads - just what I needed.
  • Thijs (our IT support) came into my office to give some feedback on the jobsite, one of the options isn’t working. I walked over to the tech office to see what we can do about it - and fast!
  • Together with the Talent Management team, we took the time to discuss our strategy for the rest of 2019. Instead of editing our previous OKRs, we tried something different. We looked ahead. By the end of 2019, where do we want and need to be? And how do we get there? A long but productive talk.
  • We discussed the outcome of this meeting with Lennaert, our People Manager, to make sure that he is in the loop.
  • I was contacted by a Professor from a university in Brazil, he would like for his students to come in to visit Helloprint and to hear about our company culture. I send a quick message to Hans, our CEO. He would love to host them, so I went ahead and planned it.
  • Still wanted to get some sourcing done today, but stomach is rumbling. I went upstairs to get some dinner with a few colleagues from the marketing team.
  • To finish off my day, I did some quick sourcing - and then left for home.

All in all, I love what I do at Helloprint. But in reality, I would probably enjoy doing anything else within Helloprint. That’s because it’s the culture and environment that makes me enjoy what I do to the fullest. Working only alongside ambitious, driven, and successful people gives me the energy to give it my all as well. Importantly, I can also work with the freedom that I work best with, as long as I reach my goals. And in a company where everyone works together to meet theirs, I have full faith in reaching mine.